Sex & the City 2

This post is for all the ladies who love sex and New York City (so in actuality it's for ALL females out there). I along with thousands of other women have anticipated the release of Sex and the City 2. Despite bad reviews and most of my girlfriends being disappointed with the sequel and it's cheesy scenes, I came out of that theater pleased with a sudden urge to buy a fancy turban.

Maybe I enjoyed the film so much because it wasn't built up. I wasn't expecting anything grand, but I just don't see what women and critics hated about the sequel. What's there not to love about it? Spicy love stories, the adventures of a close-knit group of girlfriends, an over-the-top gay wedding, fashion, shoes and a lavish trip to the desert in Abu Dhabi.

A few odd women don't share my love for Sex and the City and I just don't understand them. Some may find it unrealistic that Carrie has a collection of Manolo Blahnik's on a columnist salary, but hey a girl can always dream. Overall Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda can relate to all women in some way or another. And come on, even if you're not into the plots, at least watch it for the sake of fashion!

Speaking of fashion here are few looks that I loved from the movie...

Although Carrie looked aged, her wrinkles didn't hold her back from looking fabulous in this urban turban. I wasn't loving the dress, but I was definitely in love with the turban idea. Very unique!

I've never been a fan of Miranda's fashion on the show, but I was pleasantly surprised with her wardrobe choices in the sequel. I particularly loved the black dress with the low cut front that she sported to Stanford and Anthony's wedding.

I adore this modern and so-Samantha bathing suit. I would definitely rock this outfit poolside in Miami or Saint-Tropez.

I believe a large part of my love for this film is due to my addiction to traveling. The majority of the film focused on the ladies' trip to Abu Dhabi and there's just something about the Middle East that mesmerizes me. I've always been obsessed with Middle Eastern music and the delicious cuisine. I really enjoyed how the ladies played on the Arab fashion as well with turbans, head pieces, shawls, Samantha's golden Aladdin pants and her white hooded cloak.

There were so many scenes that reminded me of my trip to Morocco last year (which I've already featured in my blog). The Sex and the City crew were not able to film in the Emirates and actually spent eight weeks shooting all over beautiful Morocco instead.

The only difference is my trip wasn't anywhere near as posh as the women experienced. I didn't stay in a ridiculously-priced hotel with my own personal servants or ride beautiful white camels into the desert to sip on Champagne. Instead I opted for a $5-per-night hotel and took grumpy, old and unmaintained camels (who needed to relieve themselves every 15 minutes by the way) into the desert while chugging from my water canister. Regardless, I wouldn't trade my experience for any other even if the camels could hold their bowels. The decor, traditional souks and the gorgeous desert sand brought back some great memories. But enough blabbing, go catch this flick and get Carried away already!

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