If you love hardcore workouts, weight training and you go to the gym every other day, then you're definitely NOT like me. But, if you're into keeping healthy, getting in an occasional LIGHT workout and a great stretch, then we would probably get along much better. During my last day in LA, I had a blast "working out" in Venice beach before my red-eye flight back home to Toronto. I'm one lucky gypsy to have had this personally catered workout from an expert OmGym instructor.

OmGym is a multi-purpose portable inversion therapy device with all the benefits of yoga. It is a new line of fitness that incorporates supported gravity-free yoga, upside-down inversion therapy and full body strength and core workout. The device resembles a mini parachute and harness that can hang from pillars, trees or even off a swing set on the beach in my case. It is equipped with 6 different handles differing in length to allow over 1000 different moves and poses.

One of the main functions of the OmGym is its inversion therapy applications. It relieves back pain, improves posture and enhances spinal mobility. It improves digestion and elimination as well as lymphatic drainage and blood purification. It elevates the mood and eliminates depression. It enhances relaxation and promotes sounder sleep. It also boosts brain power and leads to a more beautiful appearance as the body gains more circulation through being upside down. The OmGym does all these wonderful things, but most importantly it's fun. It doesn't feel like a workout and there's never a dull moment with so many ways to be creative in an everyday workout.

My workout started off a little flustered. I ate breakfast right before and my first inverted hang wasn't too pretty. I don't recommend eating immediately prior to the OmGym experience. After I waited a bit, I got right back into the swing of things (literally). I started with the basic inverted hang to decompress my back. I also did a few low repetition strength training exercises to workout my arms and legs and of course got an overall great stretch in. After my workout I felt relaxed and ready to take on the day.

If all else fails this device can be used as a great tool for partner yoga and play. Sarah Kellett will soon be marketing her OmGym as a sex swing. So if you prefer getting your workout in the bedroom or just want to spruce up your love life, then consider the OmGym as well.

Here are some more pics of the twists and tangles I got myself into!

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  1. wow -- love this !! want to get one of these ... where do you get it. let me know when i see you... are you still working out on this?

  2. Yes it is very cool and fun! I highly recommend it. You can order it online on the website!

  3. Do you need to be a gymnast to do these crazy postures?!

  4. Of course not Jane! There are so many moves and poses you can do at your own level. Plus you are so advanced in yoga that I'm sure you'll have nothing to worry about! xo