Dior Homme

Sometimes my blog posts can get a little girlie, but this particular one is for the hommes. What do you get when you put Jude Law in a tailored suit and give him the keys to a posh ride in the most romantic city in the world? Why you get a Christian Dior campaign of course! And what a sexy little campaign it is.

Thanks to director Guy Ritchie, this Dior Homme commercial is the perfect combination of sophistication, sex appeal, luxury and a whole lot of mystery. From the initial phone call to the drive around Paris, viewers will be trying to piece together the puzzle just as I was.

My favourite detail about this video is JL's charming London accent typical in any Guy Ritchie film. The dramatic pauses and exaggeration on adjectives simply add to his debonair vibe. It just so happens that my all-time favourite Muse song also plays in the background making this love triangle all the more intense.


Hey Rosetta!

I love discovering new sounds , especially if they're coming from Canadian bands. My friend was playing the latest Hey Rosetta CD the other day and I took quite a liking to them. The breakout indie rock band from St. Johns, Newfoundland has been around from a couple years now so I'm a bit ashamed to say I only found out about them recently :(

Some of their influences include The Beatles, Jeff Buckley, Arcade Fire and Hope of the State. They were selling out concerts at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto long ago, but Hey Rosetta! gained even more recognition after the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Their song Red Heart was featured in the main montage celebrating Canadian pride across the nation.

The band released their third album titled Seeds in February of this year. Lead singer, Tim Baker, explained in an interview what the album name and title track was all about stating,"...the idea is that we are seeds, traveling from town to town, blowing around, settling down here and there, trying to make something for people", and that "the songs are seeds ... they’re these little things –- four and five minute things — but they have the ability to grow in your brain and be far more meaningful than just what they are."

This album is definitely worth a listen and my ears have already voted Yer Spring and Welcome as favourite tracks. Although both are pretty catchy, I decided to post Red Song on my blog because I love the home made video oh so much. It's simple, romantic and reminds me of what my parents must have been like back in the day.

Road trips, picking berries, picnics and swimming in the lake all seem like things they would have done together when they were young. Whenever I rummage through old photographs of them, I find these beautiful captured moments of my mom sitting on the edge of a canoe with lilies in her hair while my hip dad plays guitar. They used to go on these camping trips with ONLY a guitar and canoe at times. Instead of a tent, they would lean the canoe lengthwise against a tree to sleep under it. I've even seen pictures of them sunbathing on enormous rocks overlooking the lake, somewhat like the picnic scene in the music video.

They have always enjoyed spending time together in the outdoors, so it's no surprise they recently purchased a log cabin all the way up north to retire in. Friends of theirs have expressed concern though, and many are worried my parents may become bored in such a secluded area. My parents however, are more excited than kids in a candy store. They eagerly await boating and fishing their days away. They're actually hoping they won't get many visitors dropping by, so they can spend even more time together.

People often tell me I live in a fantasy land when it comes to the topic of love. I understand a long-lasting and happy marriage is on the verge of extinction, but by growing up in my household, it's difficult to be cynical about it all. My parents are lovers, best friends and just celebrated their 34th anniversary last week. I think they'll be quite content spending their retirement years out in the middle of nowhere because all they really need is one another. In the meantime, i'll continue living in fantasy land.


First Day of Summer

Dear Summer,

It's about time you got here! I've been anticipating...

beaches, BOATS, lakes, SUNSETS, bathing suits, BRAIDS, bicycle rides, SUN, swing sets, SHORTS, cottages, TANS, floating docks, WAVES, fruity cocktails, HAMMOCKS, tropical colours, ICE CREAM, parks, BBQ'S, sand, PATIOS, surfing, SANDALS, camping, LOVE, popsicles, BEER, patios, FISHING, festivals, TANK TOPS, concerts, FLOWERS, seashells, OCEAN, bonfires, SANDCASTLES...





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Weekend Words

I think this Itzah C. Kret guy and I would get along just fine. Have a great weekend readers and I hope you all get to enjoy the beautiful weather!


The Human Camera

I was blown away after hearing Stephen Wiltshire's remarkable story. He's an incredible man who defies the impossible with his genius artistic talent and a memory that puts Rain Man to shame. Obviously this was something I had to include in le blog.

Wiltshire was mute when he was diagnosed autistic at the age of three. He was put into special schools in London, England where his teachers encouraged him to draw. Throughout his childhood he slowly came to realize his extraordinary artistic abilities.

Wiltshire can draw intricate and detailed landscapes after just seeing it once. He needs only to look at a building or complete cityscape for a few minutes before sketching it for days based entirely from his memory.

In 2005, he drew Tokyo on a 10-foot-long canvas in seven days following a short helicopter ride over the city. This was his longest panoramic memory drawing and since then he's captured Rome, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Madrid, Dubai, Jerusalem and London. I can't even remember what I had for breakfast this morning and this guy drew Rome in such detail that he included the exact number of columns in the Pantheon.

He was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire for services to art and shorty after opened his permanent gallery in the Royal Opera Arcade in London. You better believe I'm finding his gallery next time I venture to London to see these masterpieces up close.


Modern Proverbs

Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately. I was swamped with work and planning my birthday festivities last week. I promise to be a better blogger this summer though :)

In the meantime, check out this new book I found. It's a clever way to give traditional proverbs a little modern day makeover!