In The Trenches

A reliable trench coat is a wardrobe must-have around this time of year for men and women. When it's not too cold or too hot outside, the perfect trench coat feels just right! Here are some drool worthy (mostly Burberry) finds.

Giuliano Fujiwara's 2011 collection

Burberry Prorsum studded trench = love at first sight

I not only want this coat equipped with leather sleeves, but I wouldn't mind having the boots as well.

Pets have to stay stylish too

This pic is for my bestie. I thought of her immediately and she will know why.


Open Your Eyes

Sometimes love or lust makes us do the craziest things. Often we disregard the conventional way of thinking, acting or even driving when wrapped up in that special moment. In 1976, Claude Lelouch directed a world famous short film of a high speed drive through Paris where the rules of the road seemed meaningless. Red lights, one way streets, the safety and well-being of pigeons and of course speed limits were of no value when it came to the driver reaching his final destination.

C'était un rendez-vous is an 8 minute film beginning in a tunnel of the Paris Périphérique at Porte Dauphine and ending at Sacré Cœur. Shot in a single take during the wee hours of the morning, one camera attached to the front bumper of an unknown vehicle passes historic landmarks such as the Arc de Triomphe, Opéra Garnier, Place de la Concorde, the obelisk and the Champs-Élysées. Much controversy surrounds the making of the film as the actual driver is never unveiled. Some believe he is an unnamed F1 racer, a taxi driver or even Lelouch himself.

The very first time Lelouch granted usage rights to anyone was only a few years ago. The band, Snow Patrol, were the lucky ones using the footage for their music video to "Open Your Eyes". Enjoy and drive safely readers!


Missed Connections

Have you ever heard of a missed connection?

I often check the Missed Connections section of Craigslist hoping to one day find something thoughtful, romantic or random written about me. So far I haven't had any luck as gentlemen will normally approach me in person. I guess that can be considered a good thing in general, but it's a horrible idea when you're waiting for a missed connection. I also don't read the section daily so there is always that possibility that perhaps someone did write a post to me and I may have missed their attempt to connect through a missed connections post! Did you get all that?

Basically Missed Connections consists of individuals writing messages about their missed chance to connect with someone special. Sometimes the missed connection is for a stranger they made eye contact with in a coffee shop or on the subway. Maybe they missed their chance to ask for that persons number at a pub the night prior. Sometimes the posts are actually romantic and detailed love letters to secret crushes. And ocassionally it breaks my heart to read the very depressing and emotional posts to past lovers regarding their struggles through breakups or their yearnings to rekindle a love once lost.

Most of the time the missed connections are not answered, but that doesn't stop people from writing them. I also read many posts that are answered right on the site with a reply post.

Some think the idea is pathetic, pointless and used as a tool for losers to ask a person out online rather than approach them in person. And some religiously read the section and search not only for the possibility of having a post written about them, but also a post written about any of their close friends.

I think it's quite romantic. It's kind of like a new age love letter isn't it? I encourage all my readers to check out the MC section in their city. There could be something lovely written about you. And if not, the posts are still very entertaining to read.


Happy Birthday Blog

My blog turns 1 year old today! I wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you to all those who continue to loyally read GypsyMe. This blog is a way of expressing myself through my passion for writing and my insatiable appetite for life. I write about traveling the world, meeting fascinating people, fashion trends I pass on the street, regal events I manage to sneak into, love stories, my published work, projects I'm involved with as well as the films and music that give me goosebumps.

Most have already noticed GypsyMe is not topic-specific and this is for the simple reason that life doesn't just have one genre. There are far too many unique and beautiful things that come into my life and I don't mind breaking the blogging rules so I can write about them all in one place.

Whether you read my blog weekly, monthly, skim through the posts and stop only at the topics you fancy or simply just look at the pictures, know that I greatly appreciate your support. I would love for all - be it a family member, friend, acquaintance or even a complete stranger somewhere in the world who enjoys reading what I write about - to become an official follower of my blog. It's free and quite simple to sign up. All you have to do is provide a urine sample, blood type and a carbon fiber of hair (just kidding). Just go to the right hand side of the page under "Gypsies Who Dig My Blog" and click on "Become A Follower".

If you connect with a specific post, agree or disagree with my opinions or just want to browse the blog, please know I'm interested to hear what you have to say. This blog is a form of expressing myself, but it can also be a form of expressing yourself. It makes my day a little bit brighter knowing people read about the things I adore and enjoy the pictures I post. If you prefer to leave a private message, feel free to email my personal account at ctousek@hotmail.com.

















DIY Victorian Cabin

Hearing about creative people doing creative things will never get old. I was looking at some interior design blogs recently and came across one woman's whimsical retreat.

Turns out Sandra Foster's dream of having a romantic getaway finally came true. With a clear vision, some manual labour and lots of bargain hunting, Foster transformed an abandoned hunting cabin into a fairytale cottage. The 9 x 14 foot space lacks heat, a toilet and a kitchen. Instead it has more important things such as a crystal chandelier, a cabinet full of antique china and a tiny loft area that holds a bed fashioned for Cinderella, Snow White or even Sleeping Beauty.

With a $3, 000 budget to renovate and furnish the sweet spot, Foster relied heavily on her own carpentry skills. She also scoured many secondhand shops to score cheap finds for the Victorian-inspired decorating.

She lives on a 14 acre property in the Catskills area of New York with her husband Todd. Because the little cabin is not equipped with proper amenities, the two love birds reside in their 1971 trailer nicknamed "The Groove Tube". The Tube isn't located very far from the cabin though. She needs only to cross a picturesque stream and climb a small hill to reach paradise again.


Think You Can Wait

OK I confess- I am slightly obsessed with The National. They have easily earned their spot in my top 3 favourite bands at the moment. I'm finding it difficult to listen to anything other than Matt Berninger's sonorous voice lately. Not only has that baritone voice become a defining characteristic of the band, but he has also been referred to as the sexiest voice in indie rock. Berninger's wife is one lucky lady. If I was married to this guy, he would definitely be singing and talking our days away!

The band which formed in Ohio recently recorded a song for the new indie film Win Win starring Paul Giamatti . It has been said that the song "Think You Can Wait" was written after the band saw the movie and became inspired by Tom McCarthy's themes of "very normal and good people trying to do their best and the struggle to be good."

Most National songs are melancholic because they hold a lot of emotion and depth. I can appreciate a really great slow song and although they depress some people, I find them to be quite relaxing. It's the perfect sound to unwind to at the end of any day.

If you like this song I highly recommend listening to their latest album - High Violet. Specifically "England", "Conversation 16", "Sorrow" and "Runaway".


Room Service

It seems like anything Karl Lagerfeld touches turns to gold. This was the case when the world famous fashion and perfume designer was commissioned to brainstorm a campaign for Dom Perignon.

The short film he directed is based on a contemporary fairy tale where two solitary and seductive hedonists cross paths at one of Paris' finest hotels - George V hotel. Eva Herzigova wears three of the most stunning white dresses, drips with jewels and indulges in the sweetest of French desserts. The stranger next door, Brad Kroenig, isn't too bad on the eyes either. Lagerfeld shot photographs of the couple's erotic encounter while Johan Renck shot the film.

Not that Dom Perignon needs the extra attention or advertisement, but perhaps the campaign was created to show the world its true origin? With Dom being tainted in every hip hop and rap video around, thugs and strippers don't exactly portray the class behind the beverage. Sometimes we have to be reminded of the sophistication and glamour that an incredible bottle of vintage Champagne can bring.