Thank You Cito Night

Soccer and hockey games are more my style, so you won't hear me saying "take me out to the ball game" all that often. However, last night marked a very special night in baseball history and I'm happy to have witnessed it at the Rogers Centre. Retiring Toronto Blue Jays manager, Cito Gaston, emerged from the dugout and into the spotlight in recognition of his final home game themed "Thank You Cito Night".

After a total of 18 years with the Toronto Blue Jays, Gaston's heart will forever bleed blue and white. First a hitting coach and then a successful manager, Gaston led the Jays to their two World Series Championships. He is also the first black manager to win a World Series. Acknowledged with a ceremony before the last home game of the season against the New York Yankees, this man will be hard to forget in Toronto. He will leave the sport of baseball leading the Blue Jays in games managed and wins with the following career highlights...


1989, 1991, 1992, 1993

1992 & 1993

1992 & 1993


1993 & 1994




All these awards are well-deserved, but it's Gaston's perseverance against racism that is most impressive to me and baseball fans around the world. He is influential for enduring racism in the southern U.S. as a player, coach and manager. He was an all-star for San Diego in 1970 and then became a hitting coach all the while taking young black players under his wing. As a mentor, he helped these players overcome the obstacles of mistreatment and racial slurs that were hurled at them during the games.

Gaston credits former all-time Major League home run leader, Hank Aaron, for giving him courage. The two were roommates when both played for the Atlanta Braves and Gaston thanks legendary Aaron for teaching him how to
be a man. Although I don't frequent the ball park, I can still appreciate baseball because of my own athletic background. Once a national-level gymnast, I can relate to the blood, sweat and tears it takes to be successful in any sport. Besides that, who wouldn't enjoy a cold beer, joining in the wave and watching grown men wear tight pants? I particularly love when the players hike up their socks to pull off the old-school uniform look. So when Jays fans booed A-rod at the plate, I enjoyed my view and took pictures.

Thank you Jays player, Jose Bautista, for reserving the great seats on a great night to catch a baseball game. In the end, both teams went home happily ever after. The Jays and Gaston won the last home game of the season and the Yankees qualified for the playoffs the night prior.

Two die hard fans I met in the stands.


The Little Black Dress

I was trying to piece together an outfit for a girls night out last weekend. I should have known The Little Black Dress was a no-brainer choice. Every woman should have one, or five or even ten. When shopping for the perfect outfit one can never go wrong with buying another fabulous LBD. It may be little, but it's a powerful wardrobe must-have.

Around for decades, this dress will never go out of style. It can be worn plain or jazzed up with big and bold jewelry. A favourite style of mine is to go minimal on the jewelry and wear a bright pair of stilettos or simply bright red lipstick. Hair up or hair down, it doesn't really matter because they won't be looking at you, they'll be looking at your LBD.

It's classy, sexy and slimming... what more do you want?

I'm always up for wearing something a little edgy or daring. So here are some one-of-a-kind LBDs that I could see myself wearing to any fancy event.

Charlize Theron is the epitome of sex symbol. She can pull off everything and anything in great sophistication and that is why she is one of my style icons.

Now this is what I call EDGY!! I would really wear this, but maybe not with as much eye makeup.

The one who started it all, Audrey Hepburn.

I can't take my eyes off of this dress. Wow.

Chanel runway

The LBD can be worn in every season. Once the weather cools down, opt for long sleeves and pair the dress with plain or pattered leggings. A sexy pair of leggings can instantly up the outfit.

A not-so-little black dress, but still so breathtaking

I can't pick a favourite, can you?


Toronto International Film Festival

If there's any excuse to throw a party, I'm the girl who will surely find it some way or another. It's a very exciting and special time of the year as Toronto International Film Festival takes over the city again. What better occasion to conjure up an event to acknowledge and celebrate the talented producers, directors, actors and crew involved with TIFF. CityVIP and I had the pleasure of organizing and hosting a wonderful night devoted to the festivities Tuesday.

The event was held at Bohmer restaurant located in the heart of Toronto's art and vintage district. Co-host Yossi Kaplan and I couldn't think of a more fitting location to host the upscale reception. Bohmer is not only beautiful due to it's grandeur and elegant setting, but the fact that its interior is made of reclaimed materials makes it that much more appealing.

The restaurant features tables made of recycled wood, industrial pipes and intricate chandeliers mixed with branches and jeweled lights. My favourite attribute is the large wooden table in the centre of the restaurant which seats separate small groups who come in to enjoy the fine cuisine. This is a great way to make new friends and a highlight of the night for any social butterfly like myself as the groups are able to freely mingle amongst one another. Open for only six months, Bohmer is no longer a secret. Many A list celebs wined and dined at the location during TIFF including Ryan Phillippe who reserved the private back room before my event began.

From left - Paul Bohmer (owner & head chef) and staff

Suits and beautiful cocktail dresses filled Bohmer. I was all smiles wearing my extraordinary dress created by a Toronto-based designer, Daja Graham (pictured bottom left). I recently modeled her fall clothing lines for HAUS boutique and fell head over heels for the golden tube dress accented with a detailed material flower. She was more than happy to lend it to me for the evening and I couldn't be more grateful. My hair was styled by Loriebelle Urrutia from Salon Escape. Loriebelle did such an amazing job on my hair during Fashion Week, I just had to use her expertise again.

Align Center

The night featured two DJ's, Marc-Paul Guthier and Sadeq, spinning a mix of house and lounge music. The guests sipped on Champagne and cocktails and chatted all night. Thank you to everyone who helped make this night a huge success. Now onto some pictures from the main event!

From left- Heather Williams, Paul Bohmer, me, co-host Yossi Kaplan

Gary Garfinkel (Senior Vice President of Acquisition Showtime Network) and I. Despite all the annual film fests, Gary confessed that TIFF is by far his favourite time of year.

It's obvious Yossi and I had a blast being the hosts for the evening.

A TIFF event isn't a TIFF event without gift bags!

From left - Me, Johnny Brower and Jamie. Johnny Brower is a screenwriter who ventures back and forth from Toronto and Los Angeles. He is currently launching his creation "John Lennon Ate My Lunch" into a film. Stay tuned as I will feature his screenplay on my blog very soon.

CityVIP is a private members social club that caters to urban professionals in the media, fashion, entertainment, legal, business, finance, health, non-profit and related industries. For more information on events in and around Toronto please go to www.cityvip1.com.