Andrew Richard Designs Soirée

Pink French Connection dress + culinary delights by top chef Jamie Kennedy + open bar + fantastic music + gorgeous furniture & people = the official start of summer 2010! Last week Andrew Richard Designs hosted the party of the summer at their showroom in Toronto. Andrew and Richard Bockner not only create beautiful outdoor furniture, but the brothers also know how to throw one extraordinary shindig.

At the exclusive event influenced by a Parisian daydream, upbeat tunes spun on the main floor and another DJ, alongside saxophone players, got everyone busting a move in the loft area. People were dancing, eating and drinking the night away. I couldn't help dabble in the delicious food on display throughout the entire main floor. There were tender steak and veggie medleys, lobster quiesce and my favourite dish being a creamy rhubarb and strawberry paste enjoyed with a chocolate dipping stick. When the chefs left there were still plenty of tables filled with fruit, cheese and munchies and an open bar with cocktails provided by Belvedere vodka, Moët et Chandon and many others.

Guests lounged on the luxurious custom-designed furniture and upstairs, white sheers separated the magical area where fortunes were told and artists sketched portraits of party-goers. I took full advantage of the tarot card reader and the numerologist.

I won't lie, I had my doubts about finding out what the future held for me. Especially since the girl waiting in the line with me confessed that another psychic predicted three divorces for her. I almost opted out on the reading because I was scared of potentially hearing bad news. However, once I got to the table, shuffled the cards with my left hand and had them laid out on the table in front of me, I came to realize I had nothing to worry about.

My reader told me the best possible news for my love life and career. I asked her again if all this wonderful news was true and she confirmed. The most important thing she told me was that I'd need to pay more attention to my intuition. Having listened to my head for so long, the decisions that would come up in my future depended on my gut feeling. I'd also have an important decision to make early this fall. A big move, a big change? Regardless of what it was, it was my intuition that was going to come in handy to make the decision.

Just as I was leaving the table she also made sure to let me know that my system was overheated. Due to my meat and dairy indulgences, my body was giving off a large amount of heat. If I didn't change my diet to a vegetarian base, I'd encounter serious stomach problems in the future she said. This scared me so much that I've been a fruit and veggie eating fiend for the past week! In order to cool down my system, I've had to say bye bye filet mignon and hello celery stalks.

The after party was done at Blowfish Restaurant & Saki Bar with complimentary sushi. I ended the evening with some friends at Penthouse 5, one of the most exquisite penthouses in North America. The interior was modern and stylish, but even more breathtaking was the patio view of the city. This was without a doubt the best view of the CN Tower I've ever seen.

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