Pretty Headpieces

When I celebrated my birthday weeks ago, the invitation strictly stated mandatory cocktail dress and a funky headpiece as the attire. Here are some very pretty inspirations I came across when getting ideas for my big night out...

Loving the gypsy look as always.

Absolutely stunning bride. Something I would definitely wear on my big day.

So pretty.

My girlfriends fell in love with the idea. I decided to stay vintage and picked a tan Peter Pan hat with a feather and veil. Monica even made her own headpiece and proved a little hot glue and some peacock feathers can go a long way. Feast your eyes on these beauties...and I'm not just referring to the headpieces.


  1. love this too! wow, gorgeous girls out for your birthday! what a great blog... can you do mine ;) xo d

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  3. It is great to see that other people are just as enthusiastic as I am, about hats and headpieces! www.hataffair.blogspot.com