Behind the Scenes

In less than 24 hours, MuchMusic will premiere the Candy Coated Killahz music video to their lead single titled Neon Black. I am ecstatic to have been included in this futuristic video and it's always a pleasure being surrounded by such talented and creative people.

The dynamic duo showcasing urban electro-pop has been hailed by the Globe and Mail as one of the bands responsible for Toronto's emergence as an "electronic music capital". Having already jammed with The Roots, The Gza (of Wu Tang Clan), Pitbull and The Cool Kids, CCK also had their 2009 debut single Playboy appear in a movie and several TV series in North America.

As one of the industry's few female producers, classically trained pianist and multi instrumentalist Tasha Schumann is the frontgirl of the group. Her candy coated partner in crime, Michael Ayodeji Akinlabi (also known as Icon the Anamoli), offers a great deal of artistic edge with his vocals, eclectic dance moves and a background in animation and game design.

The music video that everyone will be talking about is directed by Alon Isocianu. By incorporating a plethora of metallic costumes, wild hair and daring makeup the characters of this video easily fit into a world of flashy buildings and flying cars. Hairstylist Grant Butterworth had no boundaries when it came to my hairdo. He insisted on platinum blond extensions with a heavy set of bangs covering my eyes. The look was topped off with fetish tape wrapped around my head. I could barely see a thing during the whole shoot and was extra cautious when stepping over all the wires on set.

Despite my impaired vision, I was one of the dancers in the club scene. Some may even notice that Tasha gives me a little nudge as she and Icon are walking through the crowd. To let readers in on a little secret - the club scene with hundreds of ravers was actually only filmed with eight dancers in front of a green backdrop. After multiplying all of the dancers a few times over and digitally adding the background, it created the craziest party spot possible. The dancers were specifically asked to use lots of arm movements, which had me busting moves I wouldn't dare unveil even after a few extra cocktails. I bet the cast had a good laugh, not that I could tell for sure due to my lack of vision with the extremely long bangs and all.

Listen and love Candy Coated Killahz and I'm certain your heart will go Neon Black just as mine has. Below are some behind-the-scenes shots courtesy of photographer Michelle Belsky.


To Do List

Today is devoted to working on my To Do List, catching up on e-mails and doing lots and lots of research on Laura Calder - author, chef and host of Food Network Canada. I will be sitting in on Calder's front page photo shoot and interviewing her Thursday for Chloe Magazine.

She is quite an amazing woman and I just know that writing a feature article on her will be loads of fun! OK gypsies, back to work for me. I want my DONE pile to look a little better than the one pictured below by the end of the day. Happy Tuesday xo


Happy Long Weekend

Hi friends! Hope everyone is having a wonderful long weekend. There's one more day off to go out and enjoy beautiful snow-covered Toronto. I highly recommend venturing to one of the many outdoor public skating venues. I recently went on a spur-of-the-moment late night skate downtown at Nathan Phillips Square.

Now I'm no Joannie Rochette, however my company, the grand atmosphere of being nestled in the heart of the city surrounded by lights and tall buildings and of course Batman made it a perfect way to spend the evening. That's right I said Batman because there just so happened to be an older gentleman on the ice dressed in a full Batman costume and in full superhero character I might add. He had no skates on, but I assumed by watching him glide across the ice in his boots with his long cape trailing behind, he must have been hired by the rink for entertainment purposes. Not only was he extremely theatrical, he made sure to help all the rookie skaters back up on their feet after some tumbles.

The best part of this story comes only after I returned my rental skates and asked about Batman. The rink attendant had absolutely no idea what I was talking about as the venue only hires Santa's to skate around with the public during the holiday season.

This made me think - superhero on a call of duty or strange man with possible mental issues? I suggest children be supervised during public skating at all times...


Happy LOVE Day

Move over Christmas, New Years, Easter, Halloween and birthdays because it's my favourite day of the year again...

Happy Valentine's Day to all my blog readers! Let yourselves love and be loved on such a magical and romantic day. I can only hope it brings flowers, chocolates, candlelit dinners, heartfelt cards, kisses and plenty of sexy time for all.

Don't be a Bitter Betty by celebrating Single Awareness Day if you aren't part of a pair this year. Show family and friends they are loved as well. Whether I'm attached or solo, February 14th still remains my most favourite day of the year.



Oprisco — words of love




The New Dating Game

An enormous smile has been pasted to my face lately as my first article for Chloe Magazine just went to print. I've been asked to be a contributing columnist to the phenomenal publication which features fashion, beauty, lifestyle, cuisine, travel, sports and love.

After chatting with the publisher, Sandy Galli, and pitching ideas back and forth, we concluded my first story would be written about online dating. I thank two of my very close girlfriends for providing me with their personal spicy stories of exploration through the online dating world.

I've also been asked to sit in on the next issue's front page photo shoot with a top chef and provide an interview and feature article. I couldn't be more excited about this amazing opportunity. Thanks Chloe Magazine!

I've included a sample copy of the latest front cover as well as my article and layout. Enjoy the full story in large print below!

The New Dating Game

With an infinite amount of possibilities through the World Wide Web, it seems we can do almost anything online these days. Paying bills, booking tickets and shopping for clothes and shoes has never been easier. But, is finding Mr. Right just a click away really that simple?

Online dating is one of the most competitive online industries and reportedly worth $4 billion worldwide. No longer a myth deemed to help divorc├ęs, hermits and freaks find love, an increasing number of those unlucky with dating through “traditional” means are looking to the online dating world for help. Many of these online daters are often successful and busy people who don’t have time to go out and meet that special someone - such the case with a bombshell friend of mine enrolled in a demanding graduate program. As a full-time student, she couldn't bare the thought of meeting another frat boy at the pub. So she tried her luck online, but it cost her…

A $39.99 three-month membership on eHarmony, that is. She scoured the site looking through profiles of upstanding men with great stats and even better profile pictures. She was certain the cyberspace catalogue of suitors would save her precious time and energy by eliminating future dates with men she had nothing in common with. However, when she finally met up with them, they were no different than those beer-chugging frat boys. One man had her caught off guard on the first date when he failed to mention his extreme case of muscular dystrophy ahead of time. Another man took her to a lovely dinner that ended abruptly when he literally slapped down cash at the end of the date and said, “well, that’s my half”.

But the worst was when one particular man had called her prior the first date and asked what her favourite bottle of wine was. She thought it was such a nice gesture considering they were going to a painting class where guests could bring their own wine. He told her he had never heard of that specific bottle and instead informed her of the bottle he wanted her to go out and buy for the date. Needless to say, she never went to the painting class and her patience for online dating expired just as quickly as her membership. She now claims to have enough material to write a book recounting the painful dates she survived with all the men who looked fabulous on paper.

I’ve concluded online dating is somewhat like Facebook in love. Men and women setup profiles divulging interests, occupations and pictures in which they look their absolute best. The “friends lists” becomes the “potential soul mate list” and people open to falling in love can stalk one another online. If both parties show mutual interest, a series of private messages begins which hopefully leads to a virtual spark.

Another girlfriend of mine who is also young, intelligent and beautiful just kept meeting Mr. Right Now, so she too began dating online. After her share of awful encounters with other online daters, she was about to throw in the towel when she met a man she thought was extremely charming through online conversation. On the first date he showed up four inches too short. Turns out Mr. Charming had drastically lied about his height and for the rest of the evening my friend couldn’t stop thinking about what else he had lied about on his profile.

To make matters worse, he spewed out a series of questions jotted down on a piece of paper throughout the night and wanted her to answer them in point form. He proceeded to judge her responses based on his likings to see if they were compatible. She felt pressured and uncomfortable the entire date (if one could even consider it a date). She showed up to an interrogation session where lies and agendas substituted flowers and romance. Can you really blame the girl for deleting her profile that night?

Despite these sad stories, I’ve also heard of couples that met online living happily ever after. Most are however hesitant to admit they needed the help of an online dating site. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I’d like to have a love story to tell my grandchildren about how I met the man of my dreams. Maybe it was love at first sight when we were seated next to one another at a dinner party. Maybe I tripped and he was the one who broke my fall at a concert or maybe he was a stranger who lent me his umbrella on a rainy day. Investing $39.99 to pursue a man via laptop isn’t exactly the Romeo and Juliet tale I had in mind.

Not only that, but I’d like to sit down and sip on coffees with that beautiful stranger and have him unravel the intimate details of who I am, rather than read it from a profile. I want to see the look on a man’s face when he shows up on my doorstep to whisk me away on fantasy date and I’m all dolled up in a fancy dress and hairdo. I don’t want him to have peeked at my pictures online beforehand and ruin the surprise.

Dating isn’t that hard is it? Makes me wonder what everyone did before the phenomenon of online dating. Before there was eHarmony, match.com and hook up this and that, and after arranged marriages which predominantly existed long ago, how did people manage during the in between phase? There were courtships, people fell in love, raised families and the divorce rate was low. Has society become so overwhelming and our own lives so complicated that meeting a perfect mate and falling in love is that difficult? I’d like to go back to a simpler time please.

Although both girlfriends were unlucky with finding love online, I’m not putting down the concept. Just because I haven’t heard many romantic stories about online dating doesn’t mean the Internet can’t provide them. After all, love works in the most mysterious of ways sometimes. Personally, I’ll stick to sizing up that exquisite new pair of shoes online rather than my prince charming for now.


Florence + The Machine

Thank you to someone special for introducing me to this song. Everything about it and the artistic video rocks my world right now. You can't go wrong with great costumes, face paint, little drumming ninja men and lyrics like "she killed it with kisses and from it she fled". My best friend and I couldn't stop singing this tune all weekend. The dog days are over my friends!


Local Area Connection

I was blogging in Kensington Market yesterday and these were all the available local Internet connections. One of them really stands out, don't you think?