The Last Beat Of My Heart

I listen to this song every day and I think you will too once you hear it. Thank you nelnel2709, whoever and wherever you are, for posting this video to accompany such a beautiful song.

If you need to press repeat now that you've heard it, you're sure to fall head over heels for DeVotchKa. The band is made up of four musicians, all with eclectic backgrounds, based out of Denver. They fuse eastern European folk, Gypsy and American punk as well as South American traditional styles to create a trademark sound. It's so refreshing to hear artists who dare to be different and I'm in utter awe at how many cool instruments they play.

They jam out with not only guitar, piano, double bass and percussion, but also violin, accordion, theremin (an electronic instrument that produces eerie sounds), bouzouki (a traditional Greek string guitar), sousaphone (a type of tuba used by marching bands) and trumpet.

Like most bands, DeVotchka started off in poverty with their sound constantly being deemed "unmarketable". But hard work and talent never goes unrewarded and the group shot to stardom with the success of their soundtrack to Little Miss Sunshine, a surprise hit film.

My top DeVotchKa songs include...

How It Ends
Till the End Of Time
You Loved Me
New World

FYI - The name DeVotchKa translates into "young girl" in Russian.

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  1. one of my favourites - Do you think there's a heaven!