Krazy Kicks

I was Googling shoes today and came across lots of unique footwear. I've always followed the motto that "shoes can make or break an outfit". However, I'm not sure what kinds of outfits could possibly be paired with these one-of-a-kind shoes in the first place. Nevertheless, they are still super fun to look at. Feast your eyes on these outrageous beauties...

French actress Marion Cotillard turned heads when she wore these interesting Dior shoes for an event in NYC. John Galliano designed them with each heel resembling the shape of a fertility goddess. Cotillard obviously wanted to draw attention to her statement shoes, so she wore an understated suit to complete the outfit.

Marloes ten Bhömer is a Dutch designer and true visionary when it comes to the subject of shoes. Her work experiments with art and technology, thus creating shoes in unconventional materials like vegetable tanned leather, carbon fibre, stainless steel, fiberglass, polyurethane resin, crepla, wood, tarpaulin and others . She allows women the opportunity to express themselves through an atypical style of footwear.

When Alexander McQueen's "armadillo" shoes hit the runway for Spring 2010, it was said that bloggers were voting on which celebrity would be the first to sport them. Is it any surprise that it was Lady Gaga? I think not. She wore these crazy and most likely uncomfortable designer kicks in her "Bad Romance" video.

Some fetish-inspired shoes. The girl on the left better not have any more cocktails or the walk home could be a dangerous one. On second thought, she should probably cab it.

A shoe for the music lover.

Who needs pepper spray when you can just wear these on a night out?

On Indonesian runways.

Stripper meets prom queen.

Wow! Now this is what I call industrial.

No heel, no toe, no problem. I bet these ladies get a killer work out every time they sport these shoes.

Valentino silk lace pumps and bohemian sandals/boots?

Happy shoe shopping this weekend folks!



Why can't we all just be gypsies and live somewhere high in the treetops? We all remember playing in tree houses as children or even having one in our own backyard. One book compiled tree houses from around the world and it shows the mini houses as not only playgrounds for children, but also as spiritual and imaginative retreats for adults.

The book "Treehouses" by historian Paula Henderson and architect Adam Mornement is the perfect coffee table read. It's filled with wonderful photographs of past and present tree houses including one in Shropshire, England that is possibly the oldest existing tree house. Dating back to the 17th century, it even comes with leaded-glass windows. It also features Indonesian tree houses that are 35 meters above ground. It includes tree nests that actor John Malkovich created for his children as well as the tree forts of Prince William and Prince Harry. This book is fascinating, very well-researched and channels the inner child in us all.


Coachella 2010

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival took place last weekend at the Empire Polo Fields in Indio, California. Although I scored some All-Access passes for the event, I had prior obligations and unfortunately could not attend. However, I did have some close friends that gave me the inside scoop on the amazing festival. So if you love music and you love to have a good time, then read on!

The three day event had an estimated 225, 000 music lovers attend. People pitched tents, chilled out on picnic blankets and danced the night away to a lineup of ultra talented artists. Some of the top performers for Friday featured Vampire Weekend, Yeasayer and the headliner, Jay-Z, who was joined on stage by his wife, Beyonce, for "Forever Young". The crowd went wild for Jay-Z and he was said to have the biggest following at Coachella this year. People couldn't stop talking about the talented Deadmau5 as well, who came on stage and performed in his signature mouse head. Deadmau5 (pronounced "dead mouse") is set to become 2010's most talked-about DJ. Since Coachella has been the place for electronic music acts to make a statement, the Toronto-based music producer and man behind the mouse head, Joel Zimmerman, promised Coachella more than just music, and he did just that. The computer geek turned world-famous DJ spent the last eight months planning this show. My friends loved the incredible light show and the creepy talking mouse head projected on the big screen. Check out this YouTube of Deadmau5 at Coachella.

The Day 2 lineup included another crowd favourite, Muse. My friends had seen Muse in concert before and were equally as impressed with their Coachella performance. They mixed their plays up with old and new songs. Muse's new album called "The Resistance" is one of my personal favourites and has been in my car on repeat for months now. They have such a great style of rock mixed with a classical background. I just adore this album and highly recommend it to anyone.
David Guetta also had a stellar performance and then became a spectator on stage to support DJ Tiesto during his act. Tiesto hypnotized the crowd with his expert spinning and shot confetti out into the audience to end his gig. Here are a few photos that my friends took on stage during Tiesto's performance.

Thom Yorke and the Gorillaz were the best acts of Day 3. There was a lot of buzz going on about Thom Yorke being the best performance at Coachella. Many said that although the Radiohead frontman had a similar sound to Radiohead, his solo act was still very impressive and that his talents went above and beyond that of the other artists at the event.

My friends were blown away when they attended the NEON Carnival Party hosted by Bolthouse Productions. The Bolthouse team transformed an airplane hangar into a carnival-themed party with the help of 944, Armani Exchange and Ciroc Vodka. Many said it was the party of the year and loved the fact that free Ciroc was being poured all night. The event had several DJ's spinning great tunes, scattered dance floors and oompa-loompas greeting guests. Celebs such as Paris and Nicky Hilton and Josh Hartnett came out to enjoy the Ferris wheel, bumper cars, slides and tried their luck at the many carnival games.


Tecktonik Craze

Anyone up for a little dance lesson? A couple of years ago while I was studying in Paris for the summer, I came across a new dance fad called "tecktonik". At first, I would constantly see people huddling in crowds on street corners or in busy shopping districts while I was walking to class or just in and out of the little cafes. But, once I actually stopped to see what the commotion was all about, I discovered the popular and amusing dancing that was going on.

Tecktonik is a quirky form of street dance typically performed to electro house music. There are a free range of moves to perform at your own level of creativity. The dancing is mostly made up of arm movements taking basic techniques from glow sticking and figure 8 movements. The lower region of the body predominately shuffles or uses jerky beats to keep tempo with the music playing.

This dance style began in the early 2000s in the suburbs of Paris, France and although it is most popular on street corners in Paris, it has been welcome in many European countries. I refer to it as the European form of break dancing as small groups huddle together and show off new moves or even have tecktonik dance offs.

I love YouTubing and so I've included two of my favourite tecktonik videos. The first is a YouTube sensation for the very popular Yelle song called "A Cause Des Garcons" with almost 20 million viewers for its original posting. The second video is one that makes me laugh. A teenager coming from school can barely contain himself and breaks out into tecktonik dance with hardly enough time to even take his backpack off.

After seeing all these crazy videos, I came to realize that it's not only teenagers that get involved in tecktonik. There are tons of videos of baby tecktonik and even one that is underwater. It may seem silly to some, but I'm all for this style of dance. I think that keeping the kids dancing is a good way to exercise and more importantly, it keeps them away from other activities they could be doing on the streets such as drugs and prostitution . Viva la tecktonik!


Risqué Photo Shoot

Although this isn't up-to-date news, it's still one of my favourite photo shoots and I just had to include it. Newlyweds at the time, Bruce Willis and Emma Heming posed for several artistic and daring photos for photographer Steven Klein in last years July issue of W Magazine. The pair created some pretty sexual, industrial and futuristic photos including several of Heming topless and one where Willis is completely nude while his wife is mounted on top of him.

Willis, 55, didn't need to be shy on set as he still maintains his signature rock hard body. And modeling comes naturally to Heming, 31, who's had success in both Gap and Victoria Secret campaigns. The couple met at a Los Angeles gym and started off as friends due to Heming's previous engagement to nightlife entrepreneur Brent Bolthouse at the time. However, after the two broke off their engagement, superstar Willis and the Maltese-born model started dating. Heming is now the stepmother to Willis' three daughters from his previous marriage to Demi Moore. Heming said that she was nervous about fitting into the family at first, but everything seemed to feel comfortable from day 1. Moore, who is married to Ashton Kutcher, and Willis still maintain a healthy relationship. Both couples and the three girls have a very close bond in the public eye and even vacation together. "We've become like a tribe," said Willis.

Check out some of the spicy photos from the "Honeymoon Hotel" spread...


The Magic That Is Morocco

Let me start this entry by stating that I'm quite obsessed with traveling. Backpacking was always on my list of things to do, but it wasn't until after my University graduation that I set off on my travel adventures. At first I thought traveling was just something I needed to get out of my system, but now I've come to realize that there are so many places I have yet to see. So as I blog away, I'll post entries and personal photos of the amazing places I've visited, beginning with Morocco.

Entering Morocco started out sour. My baggage was lost upon arrival and when I finally retrieved it days later everything, including the two souvenir bottles of Slivovitz (fruit brandy) from Czech Republic, were crushed amongst all my clothing. Needless to say I got some strange looks the first couple of days while I walked around town in my clothes, still wreaking of hard liquor, in a country where alcohol is forbidden. Once the baggage terror was solved, I was able to enjoy the beautiful sights and smells of Morocco for the following two weeks.

I started off my journey in Rabat and was introduced to a place I had only read about in books. I quickly came to discover that women have a certain place in society, quite easily seen from behind a man's place in society. At the time, my blond hair was the cause of many stares as well, so I made sure not to attract anymore attention to myself by covering my hair with a shawl most times. The heavily Muslim-populated country is very conservative and despite my feminist mentality and the extremely humid weather, I wanted to be respectful to the people and the country I was a visitor of. Therefore I also kept my shoulders and legs covered at almost all times. I quickly learned that no one spoke English either. This wasn't a problem as my fluency in French came in handy for everyday use and more importantly, for bargaining in the Medina. I loved touring the windy alleyways full of little shops selling knock-off bags and eating in all the tiny restaurants. I had my first taste of a tagine, which is a traditional slow-cooked stew mixed with tender meats, vegetables and couscous served in a clay pot. I found the amazing view of the ocean once I drifted beyond the Medina walls, only to realize it was blocked by a huge cemetery. The long trek around the cemetery was well worth it once I got to dip my feet into the crystal-clear water.

In Casablanca I did a tour of the beautiful Hassan II Mosque, the third largest mosque in the world. Its minaret is also the worlds tallest at 210 meters. The structure that looks out onto the Atlantic can hold up to 105, 000 worshipers at any given time. It was obviously enormous, but even more overwhelming was the intricate tile-mosaics within. The mosque took seven years to build with the help of 2, 500 construction workers and 10, 000 artists. It comes equipped with his and her bathing spas and heated marble floors to ensure comfort when the the masses come to pray during Ramadan. Casablanca was also my first experience at a Moroccan bath house. Not quite sure what I was getting myself into at the time, I enjoyed the hot bath and steam room only to be surprised by a not-so-relaxing massage, which finished off with me being literally hosed down. That was my first and last time experiencing a Moroccan massage.

I followed onto the secret oasis that is Essaouira. Once a fortress in the 1500s, it now resides as a small fishing town occupied by artists and craftsmen. It was the perfect place to hide away for a few days, drink the delicious Moroccan mint tea and walk around taking in the blue and white coloured Medina. It's no wonder musicians such as Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix used this town to come vacation and draw inspiration to write their tunes. Specifically, Hendrix wrote the song "Castles Made Of Sand" in this exact spot.

I went on to surf and body board the coast of Morocco in a small town named Sidi Kaouki. It was the absolute perfect day. My friends and I had the beach pretty much to ourselves only to share it with camels and stray puppies that we played with all day. One puppy didn't want to leave our side and even curled up onto our blanket to snooze for a quick nap. There was plenty of fresh seafood to feast on in between catching the waves. The day was completed by none other than a breathtaking sunset.

Marrakesh is a former imperial city in Morocco that I didn't want to miss seeing, mostly due to the gigantic traditional market (Morocco's largest). There was everything at the market from musicians, fortune-tellers, jugglers and even wild animals. I couldn't resist getting my hands traditionally painted with henna, however it didn't compare to a woman I encountered that had just got her hands, arms, legs and feet all painted for her recent wedding. The night market was one of my favourites as well, serving every kind of traditional tagine in assorted clay pots. I even tried the escargot, and by escarcot I mean snails thrown into a giant pot of boiling spiced water and served in bowls for 15 cents. Regardless, they were still very delicious.

There couldn't be anything more fitting than a trek into the Sahara desert by camel back to top off my trip to Morocco. This was by far one of the most unique and exciting experiences I've ever had. The overall trip lasted four days and stopped at various towns before reaching the desert. I was able to see where the movies "Gladiator" and "Alexander" were filmed. I was also a guest in a real Berber house where I watched a woman sew traditional Moroccan rugs made of string from camel hair. Once I reached the Sahara, the camels were awaiting my tour group. The camel ride wasn't the most comfortable, but it was definitely worth it once I arrived at sand dunes as far as the eye could see. After I set up camp, I tried to climb one of the huge dunes to catch the sunset. I found the best way to make my way down the dune again was cartwheeling. I stayed overnight with my fellow campers, ate tagines and then left the following morning to see the sunrise over the golden sand.

Stay tuned for more stories and pictures of my travels coming soon!