Think You Can Wait

OK I confess- I am slightly obsessed with The National. They have easily earned their spot in my top 3 favourite bands at the moment. I'm finding it difficult to listen to anything other than Matt Berninger's sonorous voice lately. Not only has that baritone voice become a defining characteristic of the band, but he has also been referred to as the sexiest voice in indie rock. Berninger's wife is one lucky lady. If I was married to this guy, he would definitely be singing and talking our days away!

The band which formed in Ohio recently recorded a song for the new indie film Win Win starring Paul Giamatti . It has been said that the song "Think You Can Wait" was written after the band saw the movie and became inspired by Tom McCarthy's themes of "very normal and good people trying to do their best and the struggle to be good."

Most National songs are melancholic because they hold a lot of emotion and depth. I can appreciate a really great slow song and although they depress some people, I find them to be quite relaxing. It's the perfect sound to unwind to at the end of any day.

If you like this song I highly recommend listening to their latest album - High Violet. Specifically "England", "Conversation 16", "Sorrow" and "Runaway".


  1. hi...i accidentally came across at your blog...i am from croatia, and i am so happy to find it...thank you and just keep writing..

  2. Hi Katarina!

    Thank you very much for such a nice comment. I just started writing again. I hope you keep reading and commenting. I appreciate any and all feedback :)