Room Service

It seems like anything Karl Lagerfeld touches turns to gold. This was the case when the world famous fashion and perfume designer was commissioned to brainstorm a campaign for Dom Perignon.

The short film he directed is based on a contemporary fairy tale where two solitary and seductive hedonists cross paths at one of Paris' finest hotels - George V hotel. Eva Herzigova wears three of the most stunning white dresses, drips with jewels and indulges in the sweetest of French desserts. The stranger next door, Brad Kroenig, isn't too bad on the eyes either. Lagerfeld shot photographs of the couple's erotic encounter while Johan Renck shot the film.

Not that Dom Perignon needs the extra attention or advertisement, but perhaps the campaign was created to show the world its true origin? With Dom being tainted in every hip hop and rap video around, thugs and strippers don't exactly portray the class behind the beverage. Sometimes we have to be reminded of the sophistication and glamour that an incredible bottle of vintage Champagne can bring.

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