Missed Connections

Have you ever heard of a missed connection?

I often check the Missed Connections section of Craigslist hoping to one day find something thoughtful, romantic or random written about me. So far I haven't had any luck as gentlemen will normally approach me in person. I guess that can be considered a good thing in general, but it's a horrible idea when you're waiting for a missed connection. I also don't read the section daily so there is always that possibility that perhaps someone did write a post to me and I may have missed their attempt to connect through a missed connections post! Did you get all that?

Basically Missed Connections consists of individuals writing messages about their missed chance to connect with someone special. Sometimes the missed connection is for a stranger they made eye contact with in a coffee shop or on the subway. Maybe they missed their chance to ask for that persons number at a pub the night prior. Sometimes the posts are actually romantic and detailed love letters to secret crushes. And ocassionally it breaks my heart to read the very depressing and emotional posts to past lovers regarding their struggles through breakups or their yearnings to rekindle a love once lost.

Most of the time the missed connections are not answered, but that doesn't stop people from writing them. I also read many posts that are answered right on the site with a reply post.

Some think the idea is pathetic, pointless and used as a tool for losers to ask a person out online rather than approach them in person. And some religiously read the section and search not only for the possibility of having a post written about them, but also a post written about any of their close friends.

I think it's quite romantic. It's kind of like a new age love letter isn't it? I encourage all my readers to check out the MC section in their city. There could be something lovely written about you. And if not, the posts are still very entertaining to read.

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