Goodbye Movember

Mustaches are the new black. They've been growing rampantly every which way you look this month and all for a good cause.

In the month of Movember, formerly known as November, men grow mustaches to help raise money and awareness for men's health. This charity is worldwide and groups of men even create teams within their regions to see who can raise the most money for growing a full-fledged stash.

I've never been a big fan of facial hair, until now. It's becoming extremely trendy for young and old men to grow mustaches and beards at the moment. I think it gives them a really distinguished and mature look, yet shows they're a bit rough around the edges. The hairy trend has also been making its way to memorabilia as people sport the mark of Movember on T-shirts, coffee mugs, necklaces and even permanent tattoos. Who knew facial hair could be so influential?

I'm not ready to accept this as the last day of mustache mania though. So I hold onto hope that most Movember participants will keep their facial hair for the trend sake of it. Farewell Movember, hello Decembeard anyone?


  1. Hey Chantelle!! your blog is very very very nice.
    I love mustaches and beards!!
    Did you see on Eye Weekly newspaper that here in Toronto has a team of beard?? hhehe

  2. Thanks Fernanda! I will have to look into that Toronto team :)