Play BY Play

softmallow:  little comic of love  A play by play for Chantelle: 1. The girl likes the guy but he’s all like, whatever 2. Then the guy notices her but then she’s like what? no. 3. Then he likes her and she’s like no I don’t like you 4. Then he tries to pick her up but she’s like ugh! 5.  He keeps trying (he’s being so French there) which she thinks is just getting annoying 6. So then he’s like forget her and she’s like wait, what? But I like you now 7.  Then they end up in love.
1. Girl likes boy but he’s all like whatever.

2. Boy suddenly notices girl, but she’s like what? No.

3. Then boy likes girl and she’s like no I don’t like you now.

4. Boy tries to pick girl up but she’s like ugh what a weirdo!

5. Boy keeps trying (with a smug french demeanor) which she thinks is just getting real annoying. Girl is so not impressed.

6. Boy is like forget her and girl is like wait, what? Why aren't you paying attention to me anymore? Girl likes boy again.

7. Then boy and girl fall in love. Yup that's how it works sometimes.

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  1. hahahahaha too funny! I think 'sometimes' is an understatement! I would say it works out that way MOST of the time!