Texts From Last Night

The idea of getting together with friends for a coffee and conversation seems almost extinct. With technological advances and the ever-so-popular social media, we've resorted to catching up with friends through Twitter updates, posting vacation pictures on facebook and day-to-day chatting through texts and BBMs. A real conversation is hard to find these days.

Two friends created a website based on this idea as they prefer to chat through texts instead of real conversations. Texts From Last Night is quite possibly one of the funniest things I've come across. Basically anyone can post their texts or the texts they received the night prior onto this website. No identity is needed, but the text must include an area code. Readers can view best, worst and the most random rated texts on the site. Try typing in your area code and read the scandals, gossip and the crazy things belligerent drunk people can get themselves into.

From the looks of it, I live in a pretty interesting and sometimes creepy neighbourhood as I've included some texts that showed up from my area code. I had to leave out the ultra explicit and sexual posts for obvious reasons. Trying to keep the blog classy for all you readers!

"due to concerns over safety, the theme of the 'naked fondue party' has now been changed to the 'naked fondue party with optional apron' please b.y.o.apron. extra prizes for most creative apron."

"Just ducktaped my beer to my bike. See you in ten."

"she's got a whisker from her dead cat taped to the wall. I'm pretty sure that about sums it up..."

"I just creeped all your pictures on Facebook -- it was like I watched you grow up right before my eyes."

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