Belle de Jour

Once upon a time there was a woman who lived in London. She was a beautiful woman who graduated University and starting to work as a high class call girl to pay the bills. When the money seemed too good to pass up for a "normal" job, she continued the line of work by living a secret life under the pseudonym Belle de Jour. This is a true story.

Belle de Jour - The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl is the diary based on this woman's adventures and conflicts while trying to keep her personal and working lives separate. When I picked up the book as reading material for a long bus ride in Asia, I was immediately hooked on all the intimate entries. From her A list clientele of UK's top lawyers, politicians and celebrities to waxing schedules, preposterous amounts of money spent on lingerie and the security measures she takes for a risky job, the book becomes better after every page turned.

Brooke Magnanti is the real Belle de Jour who is a research scientist, blogger and writer residing in London. She supported herself while completing her doctoral studies by becoming a London call girl. She then published this book revealing actual events during her time as a high class prostitute, which was later made into the Showtime series, Secret Diary of a Call Girl. So if you're getting sick of all those Sex & the City reruns, fear no more because something even sexier is out there. If you thought Sex & the City was racy, then you're in for a real treat.

I downloaded the first and second season and watched every episode twice. The first season oozed excitement with clients dishing out new demands and even more money, while the second season divulged the risks and upsets involved with the job. Keeping secrets, dangerous clients, affected friendships and the difficulties in getting a real boyfriend. How would you explain being a prostitute to a potential boyfriend? The second season also had real difficulties during filming as Belle (who is played by Billie Piper) was actually pregnant. A body double was obviously needed and all camera angles were altered to hide her baby bump.

My BFF had the third season delivered to her house and I can't wait to have a girls night in and catch up on all the juicy episodes. Move over Carrie Bradshaw-Preston, I think my DVD player may have found a replacement.

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