Paperbag Princess

Get a hold of yourself, or your new "it" bag. Whoever said helping the environment couldn't be fashionable is sadly mistaken. Now any guy or gal can look trendy by carrying a canvas bag as they are no longer restricted to grocery store shopping. An increasing amount of Hollywood celebs have been seen toting these bags around town. Whether their plain, printed or covered with environmental slogans, anyone can look chic for cheap. People are making a statement, and this time it's not all about fashion. Go green and look good doing it.

I'm all about this trend right now as I'm loving every minute of having a bigger bag. I do miss lugging my Louis around, but even he needs a break sometimes. I've been carrying around a beige canvas bag with the word "green" printed on it in 20 different languages. I love it so much because it's hip and big enough to hold all my essentials!

Professional dress code doesn't stop Sarah Palin from using her canvas.

Anne Hathaway wore her canvas bag two days straight at Coachella this year.

Even guys look stylish sporting the canvas.

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