In With The Old

Here’s a little preview of what I’m working on tonight (to follow up on this post).  It’s a shoot I did for a local vintage boutique that’s opening up soon, with the always lovely, Chantelle.

It was another hard day at the office for me. This whole gig of trying on beautiful clothes and working with extremely fun photographers is really difficult sometimes. In case you didn't catch on - I'm being sarcastic :)

Awhile back I modelled a series of vintage outfits for photographer Michelle Belsky. The shoot was styled and photographed in studio. Pieces included fitted blazers with high shoulder pads, Parisian silk dresses and high-waisted pleated pants to name a few.

I adore wearing vintage pieces in my daily wardrobe. I often mix and match vintage and new clothing to create an original outfit. The materials are rich and high quality and I can rest assured I will never show up to an event with the same outfit as anyone else.

Viva la vintage!

P.S. Thank you for all the "likes" this received on Tumblr.

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