Real Men Wear Pink

They're lean and mean. They're rough and tough. They're most likely bruised and battered. And they come ready for battle dressed in pink.

Years ago when the president of Stade Francais Paris was trying to promote his rugby team, he looked to the fashion world for help. Max Guazzini wanted to create identifiable jerseys and some say use new uniforms to boost ticket sales. He first picked three lightening flashes which are now the club emblem and soon after opted for Barbie/bubblegum pink coloured uniforms for his burly and sweaty players to sport.

What better way to cause a little chatter in the macho rugby league than have his team's away uniforms in the rarest colour for any sportsman to wear - pink?

That year the team sold more than 20, 000 replica jerseys and obviously got a lot of attention by media and fans alike. The following year Guazzini had fashion designer, Kenzo, create another pink jersey. I guess real men aren't afraid to wear pink...

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