A Love Story

Love can fill the heart just as easily as it can break it. I heard the most devastating love story the other day and decided to share it on my blog. It seems like a story one could only read about in books, but this one is real and it doesn't have a happy ending just yet. It breaks my heart to know it may never have the happy ending all love stories deserve .

Awhile back I visited a friend from out of town. During my visit, I noticed a man would always be sitting on the front porch next door. From various trips to and from the house we would always see that neighbour sitting on the porch and pleasantly wave hello and goodbye. I knew it wasn't sheer coincidence this man just so happened to be on his porch every time we were coming and leaving and my friend finally explained his story.

Years passed and his children grew into adults and had families of their own. He never dated again or remarried. To this day, he hardly goes out and continues to turn down all invitations to date. He spends all his days sitting on the porch of the house he once shared with his true love, for the woman who jaded him to hopefully pass by.

He told my friend he is waiting for his soul mate to come back. He waits for her everyday. And he will continue waiting as long as he has to for the one and only woman he's ever loved, despite the fact she broke his heart into pieces so tiny they couldn't even be picked up and mended together again. So his heart remains broken until the day she returns. There isn't another woman out there for him and that is why he refuses to date. That and the risk of potentially getting into another relationship at the same time she may come back into his life. If she ever returned and saw he was with another woman, he knows he would lose his chance at being with his soul mate again.

The saddest part of this story is the man's ex-wife has been happily married to another man for over ten years now. She lives far away and the possibility of ever seeing her pass by his porch is slim-to-none. She's had more children and although the two rarely speak, he knows that she is content in the life she lives now. With all this said, he still grasps onto hope that she will return to him one of these days. He continues to turn down dates, meeting new women and being happy again, because he knows the only way he will truly be happy again is with her.

I still see him sitting on the porch every time I visit my friend. I'll wave hello and goodbye and my heart hurts knowing he's waiting for the happy ending that may never be.


  1. that is such a sad story. Perhaps he never considered that a soulmate is not always a life mate or a lover - Soulmates may simply be a union of souls for an hour, a day, a week or a lifetime...it is often said that we meet people for a reason and when we do, our souls interact and get the interaction they are meant to experience.

    We experience joy, happiness, pain, sadness, anger, frustration and especially love- all the wonderful feelings of life.

    It was once said to me that love could last a minute or a lifetime.

    Clearly he loves his ex-wife but he is hurting more than himself, he is hurting his soul and others souls he is meant to meet. As he remains stagnant, looking to the past for his future she moves on with her life he denies his soul the opportunity for growth and re-energizing. Perhaps he should read Elisabeth Gilbert's book, Eat Pray Love, it may give him some insight and guidance.

    We should celebrate our encounters with other souls as each encounter presents us an opportunity to learn about ourselves, to bask in the joy of life and to become the people we are meant to be.

  2. Very well said Claudio. Thank you so much for your endearing comment. It's always so wonderful to know people are reading my posts and connecting with them on some level.

    I love getting feedback from readers and hope you continue following my blog. I wish the man in my story and everyone out there could view love and life the way you do.


  3. your welcome, i do enjoy your posts but haven't commented on them until now. I enjoy the layout and how you present your opinions, thank you for showing me something new.