Ghost Soldier

YouTube sensations seem to be increasingly popular these days. Just about anyone can create a video of themselves and broadcast it across the world. Some have become overnight superstars such as "the double rainbow guy" for his exaggerated love and astonishment for double rainbows. However there are actual talented artists who post themselves on YouTube and deserve much more attention.

A boy from Boulder, Colorado that goes by the pseudo name "Ghost Solider" is one of these deserving musicians. This kid has some serious background training in playing the drums and has now posted 87 videos of himself playing drum covers of well-known bands. I along with many of my friends have been blown away by his performances. It impresses me that by being so young and having such a great ear, this musician could literally step in as the drummer for any band out there at any given time.

I can't stop watching his videos because he's just so darn entertaining. I don't know if it's because of his conservative demeanor, big curly red hair or the fact that he somewhat resembles the lead character in Ratatouille. His passion and talent are definitely worth checking out.

Exhibit A - Not-so-deserving YouTube sensation (but still very funny) - Double Rainbow Guy. How does this man have over 17 million views? This boggles my mind!

Exhibit B - Ghost Soldier playing Metric cover

One of his most impressive posts is Ghost Soldier playing the Cousins cover from Vampire Weekend. This is such a demanding and difficult song. Normally drum parts are meant to hold rhythm and timing in the background, but this particular song features drums in the foreground where a lead guitar would normally be.

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