Photo Booth Proposal

Recently, the wedding bells have not stopped a ringin'. Although I'm nowhere near getting married myself, many of those I love are. My sister and two cousins all got engaged this year! So it looks like i'll be attending 3 weddings very soon (and that's just within my family).

I'm also waiting for one of my best friends, Lindsay, to get engaged. I can feel the proposal coming any day now. Her and her honey dip already have the house and the dog. I think the ring is coming next :)

Proposals can be very cliché these days, so it's extremely important for gentlemen to stay creative. Check out this photo booth proposal below.

One day Creative Pete decided he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Lucky Shannon. So he went to a Mexican restaurant and spelled out his proposal in a photo booth. Pete was a little worried his plan may have a glitch. "He told me he only had the exact change for five strips," says Shanon, "because he didn't realize they were $3 each, so he was really nervous that he was going to mess up the order of the letters."

There was really no need for him to worry though because everyhing turned out picture perfect. He stuck the photo booth strips on the fridge and Shannon discovered it while they were cooking pasta one night. Simple and sweet eh?

It just goes to show ya that taking a girl to the moon and back isn't always necessary. Sometimes the smallest gestures can be the most romantic.

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