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So... Chloe Magazine can now be found in Chapters Indigo across the Greater Toronto Area. And I'm proud to declare that the first issue to grace its shelves had a lil influence by yours truly. I contributed this summer's feature story on country singer Tara Oram as well as a piece about the revival of 80s fashion. If you've already flipped through the pages, you'll also notice I styled and headed the fabulous beach photo shoot.

By now, you're all probably very aware of the 80s comeback into todays fashion. But, if you'd like to read it all in my words, then take a peek below :)

Going green can go beyond just helping the environment. It can provide a new wardrobe while maintaining a replenished wallet. No need to chuck those old clothes because fashion is always recycling itself. It’s difficult to stay innovative in the fashion industry and as designers struggle to find new ideas, there’s a piqued interest in changing and improving upon what once was. Next to recycling newspapers and tin cans, the fashion savvy are vintage shopping and looking to old trends like new.

The revival of the 80s in particular has been easy to spot over the last few years. The geometric and paint splattered prints on jumpers, the shocking neon coloured T- shirts and the aggressive shoulder pads put on blazers have all made their comeback. Leather jackets popularized by Michael Jackson and the film The Lost Boys are extremely stylish to strut around in. They were studded and left undone to create a messier look back then and the same trend seems appealing now. High top Converse sneakers, headwraps and bold jewellery have all filtered into the hip hop community again and trendy stores like American Apparel are carrying body suits, tights and workout attire to wear outside of the gym. Even Tom Selleck’s popular mustache has reappeared as an increasing amount of young men are sporting the Magnum P.I. facial hair with pride.

I admit to being a big fan of this recycling fashion idea. I’m lucky to have quite the stylish mother and even luckier that she’s held onto some key designer pieces from the 80s. Today, shopping second hand is encouraged and vintage boutiques are gaining popularity among the young, but I’ve stumbled upon a real goldmine– my mother’s closet. I adore mixing her vintage clothing with my own updated wardrobe to create a look all on my own. I’m not just being environmentally friendly by reusing the clothing, but this doesn’t put a dent in my piggy bank and I can rest assured that no one will be wearing the same outfit at an event or a night out.

I’ve taken new ownership of the amazing long sleeve dresses from Paris, the crisp blazers and a couple pairs of high-waisted pleated pants that my mother rocked back in the day. The accessories and handbags are simply icing on the cake. It’s these high quality and unique garments that get me the most compliments in and around the city. Fortunately not everything needs to be recycled when it comes to the 80s. I’m positive most are not missing the unflattering MC Hammer pants, the mismatched fluorescent socks or the perm for that matter. All those faux pas can stay back in the 80s where they belong.

As the world of fashion borrows elements from decades past, there’s still much to be considered. When looking at the bigger picture, a fashionista must ask oneself if we’re still making moves on the fashion front. I’m all for vintage goods, but I often wonder if we’re still setting trends and not just recycling or tweaking them all.

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