Quote For A New Year

I am starting to think of my new year's resolutions at the moment. This quote has definitely helped the thought process.


  1. You have a lovely blog here. It just beams with beautiful and inspiring images. Adding you to my faves :) Paris in Pink

  2. Merci beaucoup, that is very touching! I'm so glad you enjoy the gypsyness and hope you become an official follower on the page! Just took a peek at Paris in Pink and it's very lovely. I'll be sure to catch up and read your posts! All the best in 2011 xo

  3. SimiLooksOutTheWindow3 April 2012 at 20:07

    I love your zest for travel and would love to travel more when I grew up maybe as part of my job (I'm 15 and all I know is I want to inspire). The colors and pictures make me feel so warm and free. I love your blog! <333 Well done, brave-o. Now let me try some french: Le site est tres belle. Vie est une chanson alor je dois danse.