Did Demarchelier Confirm?

When it comes to fashion photography, Patrick Demarchelier is a name everyone should know by now. Born near Paris, Demarchelier's stepfather gave him a camera for his seventeenth birthday. The gift was put to good use as he learned to develop film, retouch negatives and started his career like any other photographer - shooting weddings and friends.

Since 1975 the man behind the lens has been residing and photographing all the top models and celebs in New York City. He has shot the covers for Rolling Stone, Glamour, Life, Newsweek, Elle, Mademoiselle as well as American, British and Paris Vogue.

The photographer has been referenced in the Devil Wears Prada when Meryl Streep, the editor of a top fashion publication, asks Anne Hathaway, a struggling assistant, "did Demarchelier confirm?". He was also a cameo in the Sex and the City movie snapping shots for Vogue of Carrie Bradshaw in designer wedding gowns.

Demarchelier has more than just an eye for photography. It has been said he redefined the fashion photograph and the industry along with it. In particular, he captures the beauty and essence of a woman in his photographs with extreme ease. Regardless of static poses or through movement, the end results look natural and très relaxed. I'm a firm believer a true artist makes his work look effortless and it's refreshing to know the worlds leading fashion photographer reached such stardom with modest beginnings.

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