Why can't we all just be gypsies and live somewhere high in the treetops? We all remember playing in tree houses as children or even having one in our own backyard. One book compiled tree houses from around the world and it shows the mini houses as not only playgrounds for children, but also as spiritual and imaginative retreats for adults.

The book "Treehouses" by historian Paula Henderson and architect Adam Mornement is the perfect coffee table read. It's filled with wonderful photographs of past and present tree houses including one in Shropshire, England that is possibly the oldest existing tree house. Dating back to the 17th century, it even comes with leaded-glass windows. It also features Indonesian tree houses that are 35 meters above ground. It includes tree nests that actor John Malkovich created for his children as well as the tree forts of Prince William and Prince Harry. This book is fascinating, very well-researched and channels the inner child in us all.

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