Tecktonik Craze

Anyone up for a little dance lesson? A couple of years ago while I was studying in Paris for the summer, I came across a new dance fad called "tecktonik". At first, I would constantly see people huddling in crowds on street corners or in busy shopping districts while I was walking to class or just in and out of the little cafes. But, once I actually stopped to see what the commotion was all about, I discovered the popular and amusing dancing that was going on.

Tecktonik is a quirky form of street dance typically performed to electro house music. There are a free range of moves to perform at your own level of creativity. The dancing is mostly made up of arm movements taking basic techniques from glow sticking and figure 8 movements. The lower region of the body predominately shuffles or uses jerky beats to keep tempo with the music playing.

This dance style began in the early 2000s in the suburbs of Paris, France and although it is most popular on street corners in Paris, it has been welcome in many European countries. I refer to it as the European form of break dancing as small groups huddle together and show off new moves or even have tecktonik dance offs.

I love YouTubing and so I've included two of my favourite tecktonik videos. The first is a YouTube sensation for the very popular Yelle song called "A Cause Des Garcons" with almost 20 million viewers for its original posting. The second video is one that makes me laugh. A teenager coming from school can barely contain himself and breaks out into tecktonik dance with hardly enough time to even take his backpack off.

After seeing all these crazy videos, I came to realize that it's not only teenagers that get involved in tecktonik. There are tons of videos of baby tecktonik and even one that is underwater. It may seem silly to some, but I'm all for this style of dance. I think that keeping the kids dancing is a good way to exercise and more importantly, it keeps them away from other activities they could be doing on the streets such as drugs and prostitution . Viva la tecktonik!

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