Dior Homme

Sometimes my blog posts can get a little girlie, but this particular one is for the hommes. What do you get when you put Jude Law in a tailored suit and give him the keys to a posh ride in the most romantic city in the world? Why you get a Christian Dior campaign of course! And what a sexy little campaign it is.

Thanks to director Guy Ritchie, this Dior Homme commercial is the perfect combination of sophistication, sex appeal, luxury and a whole lot of mystery. From the initial phone call to the drive around Paris, viewers will be trying to piece together the puzzle just as I was.

My favourite detail about this video is JL's charming London accent typical in any Guy Ritchie film. The dramatic pauses and exaggeration on adjectives simply add to his debonair vibe. It just so happens that my all-time favourite Muse song also plays in the background making this love triangle all the more intense.