Miss Wasson

There has been a lot of female bloggers confessing their girl crush on Miss Wasson lately, and I can definitely see why. This simple girl from Texas with a simple style has media chatting about and photographing her beauty and bohemian look on and off the runway.

Erin Wasson is best known for being a model and appearing in various campaigns, on the Victoria Secret catwalk and smack-dab on the front covers of French, German, Spanish and Australian Vogue. She is an occasional stylist and recently designed lines for RVCA and her personal jewelry line, Low Luv.

Although she's extremely accomplished career wise, it's her creative personal style that has caught the attention of fashionistas around the world. This tatted up bombshell looks just as great when professionals dress her for work as she does in her every day. Messy hair, no bra, cut off jean shorts and clunky boots are all key ingredients for her daytime signature look, while tight dresses and ankle booties are part of her evening attire. Add a little SPF face cream, funky hats, vintage accessories and voila - the perfect summertime outfits.

I adore her street style so much because it's effortless and natural. I along with many other women have become inspired by Wasson's look. Not only is it unique and trendy, but it's also very comfortable.

Key pieces in my closet for this spring and summer include:

-loads of cut off jean shorts

-vintage blouses

-worn in leather belts

-over sized tank tops

-bohemian scandals


-jean shirts

-loose blazers

-long chained necklaces

-men's ankle boots or oxford shoes. I just found a beauty pair of brown men's Italian leather snakeskin oxford shoes while vintage shopping and it has been the highlight of my month! Every time I leave the house with them on, I get at least five compliments. One of my best investments so far.

I could probably post pictures of Wasson all day long, but here are just a few boho looks that I'm into. Keep reading because I will post pictures of her eclectic NYC apartment very soon. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!

11th Annual Entertainment Tonight/People Emmy Awards Party, Los Angeles, CA

11th Annual Entertainment Tonight/People Emmy Awards Party, Los Angeles, CA

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