Pep In Your Step

TREND ALERT: Forget the ballet flats and pick up a pair of Oxfords. I've been on the hunt for a sweet pair of Oxford shoes for some time now. As I'm trying to avoid chain stores, it's been a little difficult to find my dream pair. Not many boutiques carry them so I've resorted to some online shopping.

With a bad economy and new ways to find fashion inspiration these days, it's no wonder women dabble in their boyfriend's closet for trendy pieces such as blazers, oversized denim shirts and distressed baggy jeans. Did you think we wouldn't eventually find some shoe ideas?
What was typically a dress shoe for men, is now stylish and street savvy for women. Oxford shoes have been making a hot statement as tons of celebs and city folk don't mind giving the good old high heel a days rest. Comfortable yet classy, Oxfords are stepping in on the fashion scene. I love to see the traditional shoe paired with a relaxed outfit such as Sienna Miller's flirty skirt or even just a pair of skinny jeans and T-shirt. It's a nice contrast with a shoe that's normally used for suits and dressier occasions.

Although the shoes are mostly worn with a little ankle skin showing, the slouch sock makes for a nice touch sometimes.

Stuart Weitzman you are a genius. Love these shoes!

Don't worry I didn't forget about the boys. Being no stranger to the Oxford shoe, why not jazz up the look with some high top versions? These would look killer with some rolled up jeans.

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