Sleep Talkin' Man

On April 29, this is what Adam said in his sleep...

"Oh, get up and wash your shadow. It's filthy. Filthy!"

"Ninjas in stilettos. Fashion assassins! Not so stealthy, but oh so stylish!"

And then on April 30, this is what Adam muttered in his sleep...

"You tap-dancing hamsters. You rock my world, with your little blurry feet."

Last night he even said this in a deep slumber...

"I have succumbed to temptation! Mankini or body wax? Decisions, decisions..."

No I don't sleep with Adam.

Once upon a time, there was a man named Adam who frequently blabbered nonsense in his sleep. The things he talked about were so funny and odd, that his wife decided to devote a blog entirely to the quirky phrases that came from his mouth while he was asleep.

So she set up a voice-activated recorder in the bedroom and the next morning she posts the recordings onto her blog at http://sleeptalkinman.blogspot.com/.

The wife said her British husband is normally a really kind and humble man, although his alter ego seems to be drastically different. The sleep talking Adam is egotistical, violent, mean and has a big potty mouth. His midnight jibber-jabber has caught the attention of many people on the Internet as the blog now has 10, 213 followers. So although me and 10, 213 others don't sleep with Adam, we still get to hear and read his hysterical sleep talking antics the next day.

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